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Some of these high resolution scans turned out to be pretty big files,
so please have some patience!
Once you have one downloaded, go ahead and save it if you like,
you can look at them later without downloading it again.
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American Rifleman

American Rifleman April 1929 Last Word by Keith

American Rifleman June 1932 Sixguns by Keith

American Rifleman March 1934 Coyote Hunting by Keith

American Rifleman Feburary 1941 Pumpkin Rolling by Keith

American Rifleman November 1935 .357 by Keith

Guns and Ammo Gun Notes

Elmer_Keith_Talors_The_Single_Action April 1968

Elmer_Keith's_Favorite_Loads January 1969

Elmer_Keith_Part_1_SingleActions May 1969

Elmer_Keith_Part_2_DoubleActions June 1969

Elmer_Keith_Part_3_Autos July 1969


Elmer_Keith_Part_1_Return_of_the_Single_Action January 1978

Elmer_Keith_Part_2_Return_of_the_Single_Action February 1978

Elmer_Keith_Part_3_Return_of_the_Single_Action March 1978

Elmer_Keith_Part_1_Sixgun_Reloading January 1982

Elmer_Keith_Part_2_Sixgun_Reloading February 1982

Elmer_Keith_Trajectory_Sighting_In July 1982

Elmer_Keith_Sighting_in_Hunting_Rifles August 1982

Elmer_Keith_on_Big_Game_Bullets September 1982

Elmer_Keith_on_Compressed_Rifle_Charges October 1982

Elmer_Keith_Best_of November 1982

Elmer_Keith_on_Pronghorn_Hunting_Part_1 December 1982

Elmer_Keith_on_Pronghorn_Hunting_Part_2 January 1983

Elmer_Keith_on_Pronghorn_Hunting_Part_3 February 1983

Elmer_Keith_on_Pronghorn_Hunting_Part_4 March 1983

Elmer_Keith_There_Were_Always_Guns_Around April 1983

Elmer_Keith_Handguns_for_Big_Game_Part_1 July 1983

Elmer_Keith_Handguns_for_Big_Game_Part_2 August 1983

Elmer_Keith_Handguns_for_Big_Game_Part_3 September 1983

Elmer_Keith_Saddle_Gun_Packing_part_4 October 1983

Elmer_Keith_Grizzlies_and_Black_Bears_part_5 November 1983

Elmer_Keith_Grizzlies_and_Black_Bears_part_6 December 1983

Elmer_Keith_Grizzlies_and_Black_Bears_part_7 January 1984

Elmer_Keith_Grizzlies_and_Black_Bears_part_8 February 1984

Elmer_Keith_Grizzlies_and_Black_Bears_part_9 March 1984

Elmer_Keith_Grizzlies_and_Black_Bears_part_10 April 1984

Elmer_Keith_Trapping_and_the_Law May 1984

Elmer_Keith_Trapping_and_the_Law June 1984

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