This is the fun part:
Well, May, 2008 was my 3rd one, The Elmer Keith Memorial shoot and fund raiser, I think this was the 8th annual (yea, I guess I missed the first 5) Here's the highlights: arrived Friday, set up my camp trailer, helped with a few things, set up a 630 yard target for the Shortgunners that were getting board with the 150 yard targets, and "Range Hot". Will put 2 on the 30" X 32" 630 yard steel, some of the rest of us got close. Everyone who showed up got a lot of rounds downrange. That evening, before the tasty adult beverages came out, Zack Faller got out a long range .308 and proceeded to beat up on the long range steel pretty good.
Saturday after breakfast "Range hot" for practice until lunch, potluck provided by the 40 or so shooters, and then shooting for score (5 of the shooters got hits on the 630 yarder) until about 5:00, when the BBQ feast begain. Afterwards, the auction and raffle (I think I have about 6 bills into the raffle over the last 3 years) that goes on till about dark.
Short version, Will is a hell of a host, and good fun was had by all!